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When you create a new UNIGINE project, you are creating a folder with the same name as your project. This folder includes the following:创建新的UNIGINE项目时,将创建与项目名称相同的文件夹。此文件夹包括以下内容:

Basic structure of the root folder of a UNIGINE project.UNIGINE项目的根文件夹的基本结构。

.thumbnails/ This folder contains asset thumbnails for the Asset Browser. Thumbnails are generated automatically by the Editor as you import new assets.此文件夹包含资产浏览器的资产缩略图。导入新资产时,编辑器会自动生成缩略图。

data/ This folder contains all assets that are used in your project in both native and non-native formats. It is the folder where all work with the project content is performed.此文件夹包含项目中以本机和非本机格式使用的所有资产。这是执行项目内容所有工作的文件夹。

bin/ This folder contains all necessary binary executable files and libraries of the UNIGINE Engine, Editor and plugins as well as binary executable files of your project.此文件夹包含UNIGINE Engine,编辑器和插件的所有必需的二进制可执行文件和库,以及项目的二进制可执行文件。

data/.cache_textures/ This folder contains texture cache files — minimized copies generated for all texture runtimes and used by the engine's data streaming system. These files are generated by the Engine on the fly. So, you shouldn't put the content of your project here.该文件夹包含纹理缓存文件-为所有纹理运行时生成的最小化副本,并由引擎的数据流系统使用。这些文件由引擎即时生成。因此,您不应在此处放置项目的内容。

data/.runtimes This folder contains files in UNIGINE native formats used by the Engine at run time (such as compressed .dds textures, .mesh geometry, .anim animations, etc.). These files are generated by the UnigineEditor for all assets which are not in the UNIGINE's native format (e.g. .fbx, .obj, .hdr, etc.). So, you shouldn't put the content of your project here.该文件夹包含引擎在运行时使用的UNIGINE本机格式的文件(例如压缩的.dds纹理,.mesh几何图形,.anim动画等)。这些文件由 UnigineEditor 为非UNIGINE原始格式(例如.fbx.obj.hdr等)的所有资产生成。因此,您不应在此处放置项目的内容。

source/ This folder stores the source files of your application logic depending on the selected API. These files can be edited in an IDE or any text editor. When changing these files it is required to rebuild the application or its parts.
This folder will not be created for projects using UnigineScript API only.This folder will not be created for projects using UnigineScript API only.
This folder will not be created for projects using UnigineScript API only.
This folder will not be created for projects using UnigineScript API only.仅使用UnigineScript API不会为项目创建此文件夹。

*.project Project file. It includes all necessary metadata and settings for your UNIGINE project accessible from the SDK Browser.项目文件。它包括可从 SDK浏览器访问的UNIGINE项目的所有必要元数据和设置。

launch_debug Launcher for the debug version of your UNIGINE project (.bat or .sh file).您的UNIGINE项目的debug版本(.bat.sh文件)的启动器。
launch_editor Launcher for your UNIGINE project with the UnigineEditor loaded (.bat or .sh file).加载了UnigineEditor(.bat.sh文件)的UNIGINE项目的启动器。
launch_release Launcher for the release version of your UNIGINE project (.bat or .sh file).您的UNIGINE项目的release版本(.bat.sh文件)的启动器。
By default, the final project build includes all files available in the project folder. For the proper functioning, the engine requires only runtime files, such as *.dds, *.mesh, *.anim, *.node, etc. Therefore, all imported assets (these are usually *.fbx files and source textures) can be deleted.
However, note that for some files the asset is a runtime (*.mat, *.prop, *.mesh). These files shall not be deleted.
The source/, bin/ folders, the *.project file and launchers are excluded from the final build by default.


  • The Version Control article to learn which files and folders of your project should be added to version control.版本控制文章,了解应将项目的哪些文件和文件夹添加到版本控制中。
最新更新: 2020-11-16