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Getting Started
Migrating to UNIGINE 2.0
C++ API Migration
The Language
Core Library
Engine Library
Node-Related Classes
GUI-Related Classes
Plugins Library
High-Level Systems
Usage Examples
API Reference
Integration Samples
Usage Examples
C++ Plugins
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  • Getting Started

    First time with Unigine? Start learning about the technology here.

  • Principles of Operation

    • Structure of a virtual world
    • Rendering implementation
    • Built-in types of objects
    • Physics simulation
  • Programming

    General programming topics: the engine architecture, memory management, development for different platforms, tips & tricks.

  • UnigineScript

    UnigineScript is a programming language used in Unigine engine for fast project creation. The built-in library features more than 5000 useful functions.

  • C++ API

    Reference documentation on C++ API and its common usage examples, optional engine plugins.

  • Content Creation

    Artists, start here. Content pipeline, different types of assets, guidelines and tutorials on content creation.

  • Tools

    UnigineEditor, export plugins for 3D editors, various converters and utilities.

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