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Settings Nodes

Nodes with the Settings prefix provide access to global rendering settings from material graph.

Common Parameters#

Settings Render Translucent Color#

Outputs the current Translucent Color.

Settings Supersampling#

Outputs the current Number of samples per pixel used for supersampling.

Settings TAA#

Outputs 1 if Temporal Anti-Aliasing is enabled, otherwise — 0.

Scattering Parameters#

Settings Environment Ambient Intensity#

Outputs the Environment ambient intensity parameter.

Settings Environment Reflection Intensity#

Outputs the Environment reflection intensity parameter.

Settings Environment Sky Intensity#

Outputs the Sky intensity parameter.

Settings Haze Color#

Outputs the color of the haze.

Settings Haze Maximum Distance#

Outputs the Haze maximum visible distance.

Settings Haze Density#

Outputs the haze density.

Settings Haze Solid#

Outputs 1 if the Environment Haze Mode is set to Solid, otherwise — 0.

Settings Haze Visibility#

Outputs 1 if haze is enabled, otherwise — 0.

Settings Haze Gradient#

Outputs the Environment haze gradient.

Settings Haze Physical#

Outputs 1 if the Environment Haze Mode is set to Physical, otherwise — 0.

Settings Haze Physical Start Height#

Outputs the Reference height value for the two parameters (Half Visibility Distance and Haze Physical Falloff).

Settings Haze Physical Density#

Outputs the Haze density for the Physical preset.

Settings Haze Physical Falloff#

Outputs the Height of the haze density gradient.

Settings Haze Physical Zero Visibility Height#

Outputs the height at which the haze completely overlaps the scene.

Settings Haze Physical Ambient Light Intensity#

Outputs the Intensity of the impact of the ambient lighting on haze.

Settings Haze Physical Ambient Color Saturation#

Outputs the Intensity of the ambient color's contribution to the haze.

Settings Haze Physical Sun Light Intensity#

Outputs the Intensity of the impact of the sunlight on haze.

Settings Haze Physical Sun Color Saturation#

Outputs the Intensity of the impact of the sunlight on haze.

Settings Haze Physical Screen Space Global Illumination#

Outputs 1 if the Screen-Space Haze Global Illumination (SSHGI) effect is enabled, otherwise — 0. SSHGI is a screen-space effect ensuring consistency of haze color with the current color of Global Illumination.

Settings Haze Scattering Mie Fresnel Power#

Outputs the Power of the Fresnel effect for Mie visibility.

Settings Haze Scattering Mie Front Side Intensity#

Outputs the Falloff of the Fresnel effect for Mie intensity.

Settings Haze Scattering Mie Intensity#

Outputs the Minimum Mie intensity value for geometry-occluded areas.

Settings Matrix Sky Transform#

Outputs the sky transform matrix.

Settings Matrix Moon Rotation#

Outputs the moon rotation matrix.

Settings Matrix Sun Rotation#

Outputs the sun rotation matrix.

Settings Sky Up#

Outputs the sky up vector. The coordinate space of the output value (World, Object, Tangent, View) can be selected with the Space dropdown parameter (double-click on the node to see the dropdown).

Settings Sun Color#

Outputs the Color multiplier for the Sun texture.

Settings Sky Altitude#

Outputs the sky altitude.

Tessellation Settings#

Settings Tessellation Density Multiplier#

Outputs the global density multiplier for the adaptive hardware-accelerated tessellation.

Settings Tessellation Shadow Density Multiplier#

Outputs the global Shadow Density multiplier for the Tessellated Displacement effect.

Settings Tessellation Distance Multiplier#

Outputs the global multiplier for all distance parameters of the adaptive hardware-accelerated tessellation used for distance-dependent optimization.

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