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Warning! This version of documentation describes an old SDK version which is no longer supported! Please upgrade to the latest SDK version.

Terrain Grabber

Terrain Grabber is a very simple tool that allows baking textures (diffuse, normal and light maps) for terrain together with its detail materials and all objects on it. For example:

  • Detail materials can be baked into a coarse diffuse texture to be seen on distant LODs.
  • After placing Mesh or World Clutter, Mesh or World Cluster, grass, billboards, decals etc., the texture is baked with all visible objects and can be easily modified in any 2D editor (for example, a mask can be created based on it). This feature is useful in case objects are randomly scattered across the terrain.


Surface size Texture size per terrain surface in pixels. The size of the created terrain-wide texture will vary depending on how many surfaces there are on the terrain.
Height The height of the terrain for which the grabbing will be performed.
Grab Color Create a diffuse texture containing deferred decals.
Diffuse Texture with Deferred Decals
Diffuse Texture with Deferred Decals
Grab Diffuse Create a diffuse texture with objects. This option can also be used to bake detail textures into coarse diffuse to be seen on distant LODs.
If detail materials are not baked into a diffuse texture, increase Lods distance to grab them.
Diffuse Texture with Detail Materials Diffuse Texture with Objects
Diffuse Texture with Detail Materials
Diffuse Texture with Objects
Grab Normal Create a normal map with objects.
Normal Map with Objects
Normal Map with Objects
Grab LightMap Create a light map with objects. A light map can be set as terrain diffuse texture, while the WorldLight rendering pass is disabled for the terrain.
Disable HDR (Esc key → Render tab → HDR checkbox) to bake a light map.
Light Map with Objects
Light map with objects

How to Bake World Clutter/Cluster Objects

To bake World Clutter and World Cluster objects that are drawn only around the camera, increase the distance around the camera across which objects are rendered:

  1. Increase Render settings -> Common tab -> Distance scale. Each surface is rendered as if a camera is positioned in its center, thus the distances should be enough to cover one surface.
  2. You can also increase Cluster/Clutter -> Visible distance.
  3. On terrain Grabber tab, set non-zero Render frames.
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