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Tree< Key, Data > Class Template (C++)

Tree container template.

To use this class, include the UnigineTree.h file.

Unigine::Tree Class


Tree ()

Default constructor that produces an empty tree.

Tree (const Tree< Key, Data > & tree)

Copy constructor.


  • const Tree< Key, Data > & tree - tree.

~Tree ()


Tree< Key, Data > & operator= (const Tree< Key, Data > & tree)

Assignment operator for the tree.


  • const Tree< Key, Data > & tree - Tree.

UNIGINE_INLINE Iterator begin ()

Returns the begin iterator.

Return value

Begin iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE Iterator back ()

Returns the back iterator.

Return value

Back iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE Iterator end ()

Returns the end iterator.

Return value

End iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE ConstIterator begin () const

Returns the begin const iterator.

Return value

Begin const iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE ConstIterator back () const

Returns the back const iterator.

Return value

Back const iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE ConstIterator end () const

Returns the end const iterator.

Return value

End const iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE int size () const

Returns the size of the tree.

Return value

The size of the tree.

UNIGINE_INLINE int empty () const

Returns the 1 if the tree is empty; otherwise, 0 is returned.

Return value

The empty flag.

void clear ()

Clears a tree.

Iterator find (const T & key)

Finds an item in the tree.


  • const T & key - Key.

Return value

The iterator.

ConstIterator find (const T & key) const

Finds an item in the tree.


  • const T & key - Key.

Return value

The const iterator.

UNIGINE_INLINE void remove (const Key & key)

Removes an item from the tree.


  • const Key & key - Key.
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