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Setting Up Development Environment
High-Level Systems
UUSL (Unified UNIGINE Shader Language)
File Formats
Rebuilding the Engine and Tools
Double Precision Coordinates
Core Library
Engine Classes
Node-Related Classes
Rendering-Related Classes
Physics-Related Classes
Bounds-Related Classes
GUI-Related Classes
Controls-Related Classes
Pathfinding-Related Classes
Utility Classes
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Content Migration


  • Added new Water Global object for handling infinitely spread water. The old Water object has been removed.
  • Added new Geodetic Pivot object used for setting reference ellipsoid and location in the latitude/longitude/altitude format.


  • Removed the mesh_leaf_base and mesh_stem_base materials. Their functionality is now available in mesh_base.
  • A water_base material has been replaced with the new global_water_base material.
  • decal_base material:
    • Removed the Blend noise option.
    • Removed the Opacity Normal parameter.
  • mesh_base material:
    • The Deferred checkbox has been renamed Deferred buffer.
    • The Ambient emission checkbox has been renamed Ambient.
    • Added new Vegetation states (ex mesh_leaf_base and mesh_stem_base materials functionality).
    • Added new Planar reflection option and its parameters.
    • Added new Vertex color states allowing to modulate various maps and parameters (albedo, metalness, roughness, AO, lightmap, emission, auxiliary) by using the particular color channels from geometry vertices.
    • Added new 2D noise and 3D noise states and options (ex mesh_leaf_base and mesh_stem_base materials functionality).
    • Added new Shadow offset state parameter (ex mesh_leaf_base material functionality).
    • The Detail option has been renamed Detail blending.
    • Added new light map options allowing you to use it with or without environment texture.
    • The Object space normal checkbox has been renamed Normal map.
    • An Ambient occlusion map is now disabled by default.
    • Added Alpha intensity and Alpha power parameters (partially copied from mesh_leaf_base).
  • terrain_base material:
    • Added the Ambient occlusion option.
  • grass_base and grass_impostor_base materials:
    • Added the Up direction option.
    • The Occlusion option has been renamed Ambient occlusion.
    • Added new occlusion parameters (visibility, multiplier, pow, diffuse).
    • Removed the Occlusion scale parameter.
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