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ControlsDummy Class

This class is used to create controls for players that should not be controlled by the user (for example, when such a player is controlled by an AI). This class allows to create any other completely custom inplementation of controls.

The code below shows how to create custom controls and toggle showing the item inventory when 'i' key is pressed on the keyboard. For that, auxiliary state CONTROLS_STATE_AUX_0 is used.

Source code(UnigineScript)
ControlsDummy my_controls = new ControlsDummy(); // custom controls
int inventory_toggled = false; // show item inventory toggle

void update_input(Controls controls) {
	// Check if the key is pressed and update the state of the specified control.
	// You can use both 'i' or ASCII code (105).

// Implement your game logic for showing or hiding item inventory.
void update_game_logic(Controls controls) {
	// If the control state is positive (the key has been pressed), toggle item
	// inventory on and off.
	if(controls.getState(CONTROLS_STATE_AUX_0)) {
		inventory_toggled = !inventory_toggled;

// Update controls each frame according to the user input.
int update() {

ControlsDummy Class


ControlsDummy ()

Constructor. Creates a new set of dummy controls.
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