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This article describes the data/samples/plugins/cigi_client_00.cpp sample.

The cigi_client_00 sample demonstrates how to:

  • Initialize connection via the CIGI protocol in the script
  • Respond to packets received from the CIGI host
Start the CIGI Host before running the sample.

It is required to change values of the following variables in the cigi_client_00.cpp file before running the sample:

  • host should contain an IP address of the CIGI Host (by default it is
  • recv should contain a port, which is used by the CIGI Host for sending packets over the network (default value is 33333)
  • send should contain a port, which is used by the CIGI Host for getting a response from the master (default value is 44444)

The variables listed above are specified in the cigi_client_00.cpp as follows:

Source code(UnigineScript)
#include <samples/plugins/common/plugins.h>
#include <samples/common/info.h>


string host = "";
int send = 33333;
int recv = 44444;
int size = 1472;

Info info;

string reflect_packet(CigiHostPacket packet) {

Data sent by the CIGI host to the image generator should appear as follows:

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