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Snap to Grid

Options found in Tools -> Common tab enable and disable snap to grid when nodes are need to be accurately positioned or rotated. Per-axis alignment or a grid mode can be chosen.


Snap position Positions a node along the axis or over the grid with a given Step (in units). To position a node, press X hotkey.
  • If one axis is chosen (an arrow manipulator is dragged), the node is aligned by an axis.
  • If a node is repositioned by two axes (a rectangle manipulator is dragged), the node is aligned by a horizontal or vertical grid.

Axis snapping
Snapping by an axis

Grid snapping
Snapping by a grid stripes
Snap rotation Rotates a node along the axis or over the grid with a given Step (in degrees). To position a node, press C hotkey.

Rotation snapping
Rotation by 45 degrees
Show grid When a node is positioned (Snap position is enabled), a grid can be disabled, though position will still be aligned.
Grid depth test This option controls if a depth test is performed for a grid. If disabled, the grid is rendered above all objects in the scene; if enabled, the grid is occluded.

Depth-tested grid
Enabled Grid depth test
Show grid on selection When this option is enabled, it is not necessary start dragging node to see a grid. It is show when the mouse hovers a manipulator (over an arrow for an axis or a rectangle for a grid).
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