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Node Reference

A node reference is a reference to an external file with the .node extension. This file usually contains a pre-fabricated object with all the materials and properties libraries that are required for its rendering.

Before exporting a node into .node file to be used as node reference, you may need to reset the node position to zero, because it is saved relative to the zero of coordinates.

Using the node reference simplifies the work with the objects that are repeated on several levels or even in the different worlds. There will be no need to manually duplicate the key object and hold to its integrity, especially if it is complex and sophisticated. It also helps handling the identical objects throughout one level.

As objects point to the original disk file, changing one of them will automatically update the other objects with the same node reference.

See also

Creating a Node Reference

To create a node reference choose an Add Node Reference option in the list of nodes in Editor panel. Then choose a pre-fabricated node to be a reference in the opened dialog window:

Choose a Node Reference

Editing a Node Reference

In the Reference tab you can change a path to the referenced node:

A Path to the Node

Reference Editor

Unigine editor features a special Node Reference Editor, which activates an editing mode for a node reference.

Edit a Node Reference

In this mode only the node reference is available for editing. After choosing to save all the changes made to the node or to cancel them, the list of the scene nodes will appear again.

Node Reference Editor
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