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Warning! This version of documentation is OUTDATED, as it describes an older SDK version! Please switch to the documentation for the latest SDK version.
Warning! This version of documentation describes an old SDK version which is no longer supported! Please upgrade to the latest SDK version.

Working with Console

Calling a Console Command from Scripts

To call a console command from any of the scripts, you need to call

Source code (UnigineScript)
// For example, to show messages:"show_messages 1");

Console commands (regardless of whether they were typed in the console or called from a script) cannot not be executed in the middle of the frame. Instead, they are executed in the beginning of the next frame not to interrupt the current rendering process and physics calculations.

Creating a Console Command

To create a custom console command, you need to call engine.console.addCommand(). If you want your console command to take more than one argument, you need to implement separate functions per each number of arguments.
For example, we want our command to take one or two arguments.

Source code (UnigineScript)
// Create a console command
engine.console.addCommand("game_command","In-game console command","GameWorld::console");

// Implement a handler function with 1 argument
void console(string param1) {
	// do something

// Implement a handler function with 2 arguments
void console(string param1, string param2) {
	// do something

You can also remove custom console commands via engine.console.removeCommand().

Disabling Console

To disable console (for example, for application production version), you need to call engine.console.setLock().

Source code (UnigineScript)
// Disable the console
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