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Water Mesh

A water mesh is a loaded mesh usually used to create finite basins of an arbitrary form. It can provide buoyancy simulation. The underwater mode is not available.

See also

Physical Simulation for Water Mesh

The viewer expectations for the water on the playable level require to extend the level of modeling from the visual accurateness to the advanced level of physical simulation. Correct interaction accounts for characteristics of the liquid and adds realistic dynamic properties that allow the objects to float and move in the water in the believable manner. This approach significantly increases the veracity of perception and naturally leads to a higher degree of viewer immersion.

To initiate physical simulation of the water, it should have a Water body assigned and enabled. These options are available only for water mesh objects, because of their finite size. If prolongation of the covered area is required, it can be done without the artists exerting additional efforts: water meshes are simply placed next to each other. However, the waves from the objects do not spread on the adjacent mesh. Sinusoidal waves can be synchronized, if necessary, by changing the sign of the amplitude value.

As the option, a body of the water can be named in the corresponding field to be identified and handled by UnigineScript.

Water meshes must be exported at the center of world coordinates; otherwise, some effects (for example, caustics) may not be rendered correctly.
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