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Warning! This version of documentation describes an old SDK version which is no longer supported! Please upgrade to the latest SDK version.

Getting Info on Connection with NetworkStatistics

NetworkStatistics Class

NetworkStatistics class allows for collecting network statistics. All the statistic values are calculated starting from the previous call of network.getNetworkStatistics() function.

  • float getKBytesSent() — gets the total amount of data sent during the current session (in Kbytes)
  • float getKBytesRecvd() — gets the total amount of data received during the current session (in Kbytes)
  • float getBpsSent() — gets the current upload speed during the last second (b/s)
  • float getBpsRecvd() — gets the current download speed during the last second (b/s)
  • int getSessionTime() — gets session duration (in ms). On the server side, it is measured from the moment of its start; on the client side – after connection was established.
  • float getPacketloss() — gets the degree of packet loss (%)

Connection Information Functions

  • int network.getNodeType() — gets the current type of the network node. Possible values are:
    • NETWORK_NODE_UNINITIALIZED — the node is not initialized (no connection is established and therefore the node type is unknown)
    • NETWORK_NODE_SERVER — the node acts as a server
    • NETWORK_NODE_CLIENT — the node acts as a client
  • NetworkAddress network.getMyAddress() — gets the computer's own network address:
    • if a server, returns the address passed to the startServer() function
    • if a client, returns the address through which connection to the server was established by calling connectToServer()
  • NeworkAddress network.getMyAddress(NetworkAddress target_address) — gets the computer's own network address as seen by another network node (a client or a server) specified by the target_address.
  • NetworkStatistics network.getNetworkStatistics() — gets the current network statistics (updated by each call of the network_update() function). For a server, total//summed statistics on all clients is returned.
  • NetworkStatistics network.getNetworkStatistics(NetworkAddress network_address) — gets the current network statistics for the specified connection.
    • network_address — an address of the connected network node
  • int network.getAvgPing(Variable target) — returns the average ping time to the node with specified address, or -1 if no packets were sent to the node.
    • target — a node address. It can be one of the following types:


Example of network statistics usage can be found in all network samples. See <UnigineSDK>/data/network/samples/common/scripts/statistics.h.

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