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RakNet Plugin

A RakNet plugin provides the following functionality for Unigine-based applications out of the box:

  • Client/server architecture
  • Exchange of time-stamped data through the network
  • Synchronization of states between the server and the client
  • Statistics about network connection
  • LAN server discovery

Network functionality is provided through RakNet, a cross-platform C++ game networking engine, which is integrated into Unigine framework. (See details).

How to Load Network Plugin

To dynamically load the Network plugin, the following is required:

  • Network library of the same bitness/debug version as Unigine executable (for example, libNetwork_x86d.so).
  • RakNet library of the same version (for example, libRakNet_x86d.so).
  • Define the following command by the engine start-up or in the launcher:
    Shell commands
    main_x86d -extern_plugin Network
    Here, you can define path to the Network module (without any prefixes or postfixes): relative to the executable or an absolute one.

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Last update: 2017-07-03