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Omni Light Source

The omni light is a point source emitting light in all directions (360 degrees) and realistically reproducing shadow cast. They serve to simulate the sources with bright centre and equal roll-off of intensity. As the example of such a light can be mentioned an ordinary household lightbulb, uncovered and hanging from a ceiling. This type of sources proves useful for general lighting purposes in the indoors scenes, because of its nondirectional qualities.

Please note that as omni light uses cubemap modulation, the shadowing by this source requires six passes and can be pretty expensive.

Screenshot of a scene with an omni light


The omni light source has the following distinguishing features:


Usually omnidirectional lights are spherical, but Unigine also allows to shape ellipsoid source for more exact and flexible approximation of the prolonged spaces. Defining separate radius values along three axes can assure different locations fitting:

Screenshot of a scene with an ellipsoid omni light

Texture Modulation

Besides providing the uniformly colored light, the omni light source can project a specified cubemap texture. Such modulations allows to re-light the affected scene area in a new way at the same performance cost, create variegated light scattering patterns and, for example, imitate several light sources.

Screenshot of a scene with an omni light with cubemap modulation

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