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Managing Licenses

The SDK Browser manages licenses for the current PC: in order to use the UnigineEditor or debug builds of the engine, it is required to keep the SDK Browser launched at least on one computer in the local network. It will be discovered by other machines if the SDK Browser is running on Windows and Linux.

On OS X, it is required to specify the -licensing_host IP parameter on other machines.
Release builds of the engine do not require connection to the SDK Browser.
For evaluation kits, the SDK Browser should always be launched, irrespective of the build version as broadcasting over LAN isn't supported for evaluation kits.

If you do not have stable Internet connection, the SDK Browser can work in the offline mode. However, in this case, it is required to activate your offline license.

For the licensing server to function properly on OS X, you should enable multicasting on the operating system, as it is disabled by default.

Managing Licenses

If you have a stable Internet connection, your licenses are retrieved automatically from your account. To check on you licenses when you are online, perform the following:

  1. Run the SDK Browser and sign in with your credentials.

  2. In the window that opens click Licenses.

    The License Management form will open.

Activating Offline License

To activate your offline license, perform the following:

  1. Run the SDK Browser and click Go Offline.

  2. In the window that opens click Licenses.

    The License Management form will open:

  3. Copy the request code to the clipboard or write it down.

    The request code is used to generate the activation code. However, activation codes generation is available for company administrators only, so you need to provide this request code to the company administrator so that they can generate the activation code according to Steps 5-10. After receiving the activation code (Step 9), activate the offline license on your PC.
    The Request code is PC-dependent, so it can be used to generate the activation code for one PC only.
  4. Go to and log in with your account.

  5. Go to the My Company section.

  6. Choose the required item in the Available Licenses section and click Get activation code.

  7. Choose a User account for which the activation code will be generated:

  8. Paste or type in the Request code obtained on Step 4 and click Get. The *.key text file with the activation code will be generated.
    If the user change the PC, a new activation code must be generated.

  9. Copy the activation code to the clipboard or save it as a *.key text file on the local disk by pressing the corresponding link.

    Depending on your web-browser settings, the file can be automatically saved in the folder used by the web-browser to store downloaded files. Usually, it is the Downloads folder.
  10. On the computer, from which the Request code has been obtained, go to the SDK Browser and paste the activation code (or click Open Key File, choose the obtained *.key file with the activation code in the file dialog window that opens, and click Open).

  11. Press Activate.

  12. The License keys field will be updated and the list of activated licenses will be shown.

Done! Your offline license has been activated.

If you are activating a license on the PC without the Internet access (or with bad Internet connection), you should perform Steps 5-10 on another PC connected to the Internet and then pass the activation code to your computer.
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