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Setting Up Development Environment
High-Level Systems
UUSL (Unified UNIGINE Shader Language)
File Formats
Rebuilding the Engine and Tools
Double Precision Coordinates
Bounds-Related Classes
Controls-Related Classes
Core Library
Engine-Related Classes
GUI-Related Classes
Node-Related Classes
Pathfinding-Related Classes
Physics-Related Classes
Plugins-Related Classes
Rendering-Related Classes
Utility Classes
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API Migration

Major Changes

  • Added a new Sounds class containing methods for handling the sound output source.
  • Dynamic flag has been renamed Unique in ObjectGuiMesh, ObjectMeshCluster, ObjectMeshClutter, ObjectMeshSkinned, ObjectMeshStatic, BodyPath, WorldTransformPath interfaces.
  • Added new public constructors for all node-related C# classes allowing to create objects by means of the new operator. The old create() method is now deprecated. For example, instead of creating the dummy object via
    Source code(C++)
    var o = ObjectDummy.create("dummy");
    you should use
    Source code(C++)
    var o = new ObjectDummy("dummy");

App Class

New Functions

LightEnvironmentProbe Class

ObjectDynamic Class

Render Class

RenderState Class

New Functions

UUSL Changes

  • Added line primitives as geometry shader input (the LINE_IN definition).
  • Added the use_taa state activating the individual TAA pass for outcome texture.
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