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Vegetation Add-On

A Vegetation add-on provides a scene containing the set of ready-to-use nodes for the following plants:

  • Blue oaks
  • Buck brushes
  • Coast bushes
  • Coconut tree
  • Douglas firs
  • Foothill pines
  • Fir
  • Manzanita

Opening World

To open the world containing special effects do the following:

  • Install the Vegetation add-on (available via UNIGINE SDK Browser in the Add-Ons section) and add it to your project (by clicking Configure Project -> Add-ons in the Projects section of UNIGINE SDK Browser).
  • Click File -> Open World (Ctrl + O), choose add-ons -> unigine_vegetation -> vegetation and click Ok. The scene will appear.

The node references of effects will be also available independently in the data/add-ons/unigine_vegetation/nodes directory.
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