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Unigine::Physics Class

-virtual int loadSettings(const char * name) const =0 Loads the physics settings from a given file.
-virtual int saveSettings(const char * name, int force) const =0 Saves the current physics settings to a given file.
-virtual void setData(const char * data) const =0 Sets user data associated with the world.
-virtual const char * getData() const =0 Returns user string data associated with the world.
-virtual void setBudget(float budget) const =0 Sets the physics simulation budget.
-virtual float getBudget() const =0 Returns the physics simulation budget.
-virtual void setDistance(float distance) const =0 Updates a distance after which the physics will not be simulated.
-virtual float getDistance() const =0 Returns a distance after which the physics will not be simulated.
virtual int saveWorld(const XmlPtr & xml) const =0virtual int saveWorld(const XmlPtr & xml, int force) const =0 Saves physics settings into the Xml.
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