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Common Functionality

New classes in this section:

  • Json Class. This class is used to parse and create JSON formatted strings.

System Functions

For the following functions, the type of the argument and the return value has been changed Variable, so now this functions support both single and double precision:

string call_stack()Variable get_call_stack()
string stack_dump()Variable get_stack_dump()
variable class_append(variable obj)Variable class_append(Variable obj)
variable class_cast(variable target_class, variable obj)Variable class_cast(Variable target_class, Variable obj)
Variable class_manage(variable v)Variable class_manage(Variable v)
Variable class_release(variable obj)Variable class_release(Variable obj)
variable class_remove(variable obj)Variable class_remove(Variable obj)

New Functions

OS Functions

Type Conversion Functions

Variable dmat4(float x, float y, float z, float angle)Variable dmat4(variable v0, variable v1, variable v2, variable v3)
variable mat4(float x, float y, float z, float angle)Variable mat4(variable v0, variable v1, variable v2, variable v3)
Variable quat(float roll, float pitch, float yaw)Variable quat(variable v0, variable v1, variable v2)

New Functions

Buffer Class

Image Class

RegExp Class

string replace(string str, string after) StringStack<256> replace(string str, string after)

Stream Class

The following UNIGINE 2 functions perform the same as UNIGINE functions, but allow specifying endianness (big-endian or little-endian order).

dmat4 readDMat4()dmat4 readDMat4(int endiannes = 0)
dvec3 readDVec3()dvec3 readDVec3(int endianness = 0)
dvec4 readDVec4()dvec4 readDVec4(int endianness = 0)
double readDouble()double readDouble(int endianness = 0)
float readFloat()float readFloat(int endianness = 0)
ivec3 readIVec3()ivec3 readIVec3(int endianness = 0)
ivec4 readIVec4()ivec4 readIVec4(int endianness = 0)
int readInt()int readInt(int endianness = 0)
long readLong()long readLong(int endianness = 0)
mat4 readMat44()mat4 readMat44(int endianness = 0)
mat4 readMat4()mat4 readMat4(int endianness = 0)
quat readQuat()quat readQuat(int endianness = 0)
short readShort()int readShort(int endianness = 0)
int readUShort()int readUShort(int endianness = 0)
vec3 readVec3()vec3 readVec3(int endianness = 0)
vec4 readVec4()vec4 readVec4(int endianness = 0)
int writeDMat4(dmat4 value)int writeDMat4(dmat4 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeDvec3(dvec3 value)int writeDVec3(dvec3 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeDVec4(dvec4 value)int writeDVec4(dvec4 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeDouble(double value)int writeDouble(double value, int endianness = 0)
int writeFloat(float value)int writeFloat(float value, int endianness = 0)
int writeiVec3(ivec3 value)int writeIVec3(ivec3 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeiVec4(ivec4 value)int writeIVec4(ivec4 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeInt(int value)int writeInt(int value, int endianness = 0)
int writeLong(long value)int writeLong(long value, int endianness = 0)
int writeMat44(mat4 value)int writeMat44(mat4 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeMat4(mat4 value)int writeMat4(mat4 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeQuat(quat value)int writeQuat(quat value, int endianness = 0)
int writeShort(int value)int writeShort(int value, int endianness = 0)
int writeUShort(int value)int writeUShort(int value, int endianness = 0)
int writeVec3(vec3 value)int writeVec3(vec3 value, int endianness = 0)
int writeVec4(vec4 value)int writeVec4(vec4 value, int endianness = 0)

New Functions

Xml Class

Async Class

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