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NavigationSector Class

This class is used to create a cuboid-shaped navigation area, within which the 2D and 3D routes can be calculated.

See Also

  • The article on Navigation Sector
  • A set of samples located in the data/samples/paths folder:
    1. route_00
    2. route_01
    3. route_02
    4. sector_00
    5. sector_01
    6. sector_02

NavigationSector Class

This class inherits from Navigation


NavigationSector (vec3 size)

Constructor. Creates a navigation sector of the specified size.


  • vec3 size - Box dimensions.

vec3 getSize ()

Returns the current size of the navigation sector.

Return value

Box dimensions.

void setSize (vec3 size)

Sets the size of the navigation sector.


  • vec3 size - Box dimensions.
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