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WidgetCheckBox Class

This class creates checkboxes. A set of checkboxes can be converted into a radio buttons group (that act as a single mutually exclusive control), if all the checkboxes are attached to a certain one among them (for example, the first).

WidgetCheckBox Class

This class inherits from Widget


WidgetCheckBox (Gui gui, string text = 0)

Constructor. Creates a checkbox with a given text label.


  • Gui gui - GUI, to which the new checkbox will belong.
  • string text - Checkbox label. This is an optional parameter.

string getText ()

Returns the checkbox text label.

Return value

Checkbox label.

int isChecked ()

Returns a value indicating if the checkbox is selected.

Return value

Positive number if the checkbox is checked (selected); otherwise, 0.

void setChecked (int state)

Sets a value indicating if the checkbox is selected.


  • int state - Positive number to check (select) the checkbox, 0 to uncheck it.

void setText (string text)

Sets a checkbox text label.


  • string text - Checkbox label.
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