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Unigine::FunctionBase Class

Function base class.

To use this class, include the UnigineFunction.h file.

Unigine::FunctionBase Class


FunctionBase ()

Default constructor.

virtual ~FunctionBase ()

Virtual destructor.

void setName (const Variable & n)

Sets the function name.


  • const Variable & n - Function name.

const Variable & getName () const

Returns the function name.

Return value

Function name.

Variable runSystem () const

Runs the system script function.

Return value

System script function return value.

Variable runWorld () const

Runs the world script function.

Return value

World script function return value.

Variable runEditor () const

Runs the editor script function.

Return value

Editor script function return value.

virtual int getNumArgs () const =0

Returns the number of arguments.

Return value

Number of arguments.

void setArg (int num, const Variable & a)

Sets an argument value.


  • int num - Argument number.
  • const Variable & a - Argument value.

const Variable & getArg (int num)

Gets the argument value.


  • int num - Argument number.

Return value

Argument value.
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