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Perception Neuron Add-On

Perception Neuron is a motion capture technology that includes 9-axis sensor units and allows for recording data received from these sensors in real-time.

A Perception Neuron add-on is used for integration UNIGINE 2 with this technology: it allows for processing data received from sensors for its further visualization in real-time.

The add-on is available only in the Professional and Sim Unigine SDKs under Windows.

Launching Perception Neuron

To use the add-on, you should perform the following:

  1. Install the Perception Neuron add-on (available via UNIGINE SDK Browser in the Add-Ons section).
  2. Go to the Projects tab of the SDK Browser and choose Other Actions -> Configure Project -> Add-ons.
  3. Move the Perception Neuron 1.0 add-on to the In Use area and click Ok.
  4. Specify the extern_plugin command line option on the application start-up:
    Shell commands
    main_x86 -extern_plugin "Neuron"
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