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Game Namespace

The following functions are implemented in the Game namespace (can be found in the data/framework/game/game_system.h file).

void Game::init()

Initializes a system framework: parses CLIs, defines a path to the *.game file, generates a MasterGame class and loads the level.

void Game::update()

Updates a system framework.

void Game::shutdown()

Releases framework resources.

string Game::getGamePath()

Returns a path to the loaded game file.

Return value

Path to the loaded game file.

int Game::getActiveLevelIndex()

Returns a level index of the loaded game.

Return value

Level index.

string Game::getActiveLevelName()

Returns a level name of the loaded game.

Return value

Level name.

void Game::loadLevel(int index)

Loads a level.


  • int index - Level index if index is an integer; level name if index is a string.

void Game::setGameParameter(string name, variable value)

Sets a game custom parameter.


  • string name - Unique parameter name.
  • variable value - Parameter value. The value can be the following types: int, float, double, vec3, vec4, string.

variable Game::getGameParameter(string name)

Returns a custom parameter value.


  • string name - Parameter name.

Return value

Custom parameter value if it is found; otherwise 0.

int Game::isGameParameter(string name)

Returns a value indicating if the game parameter exists.


  • string name - Parameter name.

Return value

1 if the parameter exists; otherwise 0.
Last update: 2017-07-03