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Unigine::FieldSpacer Class

Header:#include <UnigineFields.h>

This class allows you to create and modify field spacer objects.

See Also

  • A FieldSpacerclass to edit spacer fields by using C++ API
  • A set of samples located in the data/samples/fields/ folder:
    • spacer_00
    • spacer_01
    • spacer_02

FieldSpacer Class


static FieldSpacerPtr create(const Math::vec3 & size)

Creates a new field spacer of the specified size:
  • If the field spacer is of an ellipse shape, its radius values along the axes must be specified.
  • Otherwise, dimensions of the cube must be specified.


  • const Math::vec3 & size - A size of the field spacer along X, Y and Z axes in units.

Ptr<FieldSpacer> cast(const Ptr<Node> & node)


  • const Ptr<Node> & node

Ptr<FieldSpacer> cast(const Ptr<Field> & base)


  • const Ptr<Field> & base

void setAttenuation(float attenuation)

Sets an attenuation factor value for the Field Spacer.


  • float attenuation - A new attenuation factor value. If a too small value is provided, 1E-6 will be used instead.

float getAttenuation()

Returns the current attenuation factor for the Field Spacer.

Return value

The attenuation factor value.

void setEllipse(int ellipse)

Transforms a cubical Field Spacer into an ellipse-shaped one.


  • int ellipse - 1 for the ellipse-shaped Field Spacer, 0 for the cubical one.

int isEllipse()

Returns the size of the Field Spacer.

Return value

1 if the Field Spacer is of an ellipse shape; otherwise, 0.

void setSize(const Math::vec3 & size)

Sets a size for the Field Spacer.


  • const Math::vec3 & size - A size of the Field Spacer along the X, Y and Z axes in units. If a negative value is provided, 0 will be used instead.

Math::vec3 getSize()

Returns the size of the Field Spacer.

Return value

The size of the Field Spacer in units.

int type()

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