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Stars Generator for Billboards

Stars generator allows for creating a starry night sky, with stars drawn fast on Billboards. It is found on Billboards node → Stars tab.

Billboards with stars

Billboards with stars

How to Create Stars Billboards

To create stars billboards, follow these steps:

  1. Add Billboards node.
  2. On the Stars tab, press Catalog load button and choose a FK5 stars catalog (the Fifth Fundamental Catalogue).
  3. Make sure that the Radius of the created sphere with stars is not bigger than the camera's far clipping plane (ToolsCamera tab → Far clipping). Otherwise, stars will not be seen.
  4. Click Create button to create billboards.
  5. Click Texture button and choose a location to save a texture atlas with stars.
  6. Create a material for billboards with stars:
    1. Inherit a material from billboards_base .
    2. Assign it to ObjectBillboards.
    3. Go to States tab → Options and check Angular size box. The stars will appear on the sky.
    4. Set up rendering of the stars billboards:
      1. Set Ambient pass to Transparent (otherwise, the stars will be too dull).
      2. Set Deferred pass to Skip.
      3. Set all light passes (spot, prob, omni, proj and world) to Skip (not to light billboards).
    5. Go to Textures tab and load a diffuse texture: select the previously saved stars texture.
  7. After changing any parameter in the star generator, click Create to reload a texture in the Material settings.


Count The maximum number of billboards to create. If there are fewer stars in the loaded catalog, fewer billboards will be created.
Radius Radius of the sphere with stars billboards.
To see the stars, the Radius should be smaller than the camera's far clipping plane (ToolsCamera tab → Far clipping).
For big worlds, stars Billboards also needs to be attached the camera (made a child node of the player) to avoid any clipping.
Angle The angular diameter of stars:
  • The higher the value, the bigger the stars.
Catalog Load a FK5 stars catalog.

Latitude Latitude of the point to view the star sky from.
Longitude Longitude of the point to view the star sky from.
Location Choose a city to view the star sky from.

Create Create stars billboards and reload the texture, if it was set in Materials settings.
Clear Delete all stars billboards.
Texture Save an atlas texture for stars billboards based on the loaded catalog.
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