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Unigine::Package Class

Header:#include <UniginePackage.h>

Unigine external package.

Package Class


virtual const char * getFileName(int num) =0

Return the file name.


  • int num - The file number.

Return value

The file name.

virtual int getNumFiles() =0

Return the number of files in the package.

Return value

Number of the package files.

virtual Package * clone() =0

Clone the external package for multi-threaded loading.

Return value

The cloned package. Return NULL if the multi-threading loading is not possible.

virtual int readFile(unsigned char * data, int size) =0

Read currently selected file.


  • unsigned char * data - Destination data pointer.
  • int size - Size of the data buffer.

Return value

Returns 1 if the file is successfully read; otherwise, 0 is returned.

virtual int selectFile(const char * name, int & size) =0

Select a file by name.


  • const char * name - The file name.
  • int & size - The file size.

Return value

Returns 1 if the file is selected; otherwise, 0 is returned.

virtual ~Package()

Virtual destructor.
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