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Oil Refinery Demo

Oil Refinery demo with a lot of interactive features to showcase BIM (Building Information Model) capabilities of the engine.

  • Embedded Logic System enables you to create custom training missions and testing scenarios using a pre-fabricated set of logic components and any available assets.
  • Two interactive personnel training and testing use cases are available:
    • Sequence of operations required to start a diesel generator
    • Sequence of maintenance operations for a chemical dosing station
  • Displaying various types of metadata (statistics, telemetry data, etc.) bound to certain buildings and facilities enables to control various parameters in real time.
  • Visualization of construction stages can be useful for overall construction process planning.
  • Switching the time of day provides an opportunity to check all lighting systems of the enterprise.
  • Video sequences can be used to make high-quality presentations of the project.


  • 360,000 square meters territory
  • Over 45M polygons
  • Over 19,000 geometry surfaces
  • Over 1,300 light sources
  • Over 100 unique models
  • A set of modes making it possible to explore every corner of the oil refinery in various aspects
  • Dynamic sky with volumetric clouds and ability to change the time of day
  • Adjustable weather and wind speed
  • Scalable quality settings
  • VR support (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)
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