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IG::Water Class

The functionality described in this article is not available in the Community SDK edition.
You should upgrade to Sim SDK edition to use it.
Header: #include <UnigineIG.h>

Water Class


void setWaterNode ( const ObjectWaterGlobalPtr & value ) #

Sets the Water Global object to be used.
The Water Global object is automatically found at the start of the project. Use this method only for dynamically created Water Global object.


  • const ObjectWaterGlobalPtr & value - Water Global object.

const ObjectWaterGlobalPtr & getWater ( ) #

Returns the currently used Water Global object.

Return value

Water Global object.

void setHeigt ( double value ) #

Sets the height of the sea level in world coordinates.


  • double value - Sea level height, in units.

void setWaveParams ( int height, float direction ) #

Sets the wave parameters: Beaufort scale and direction.
Beaufort scale is switched immediately. Therefore, be careful when switching from big to low values.


  • int height - Beaufort value from 0 to 12.
  • float direction - Angle relative to North.

void setClarity ( float value ) #

Sets clarity of water.


  • float value - Water clarity from 0 (unclear) to 1 (clear).

float getClarity ( ) #

Returns clarity of water.

Return value

Water clarity from 0 to 1.

void setShorelineUpdate ( bool enable ) #

Toggles the shoreline update on and off.
By default, the shoreline update is disabled. Toggling it on may cause spikes when the sea level changes, therefore, use carefully.


  • bool enable - 1 to enable Shoreline update, 0 to disable.

void updateShoreline ( ) #

Forced shoreline update.
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