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Warning! This version of documentation describes an old SDK version which is no longer supported! Please upgrade to the latest SDK version.


The landscape_terrain_detail_base material is a default material for details of a Landscape Terrain object. Via this material you can manage albedo, roughness and height data and apply additional masking for terrain enrichment.


The landscape_terrain_detail_base material has the following states and parameters.


Base Parameters

Base parameters.
Triplanar Triplanar texture mapping for the detail
Size Texture tile size
Rotation Rotation of the detail's textures around the Z axis, in degrees.
Offset Offset of the detail's textures along the X and Y axes, in units.
Contrast Sharp or smooth transition of the detail with other details
Blend Triplanar The value of blending between triplanar texture projections (available only when the Triplanar mapping for the detail is enabled)


Albedo Parameters

Albedo parameters.
Opacity Albedo opacity
Color Color multiplier for the albedo texture
Texture Texture used to specify the color information (how the detail looks like)


Roughness Parameters

Roughness parameters.
Opacity Opacity of the roughness effect
Roughness Roughness multiplier for the roughness texture
Texture Roughness texture of the detail


Height Parameters

Height parameters.
Opacity Opacity of the height texture
Scale Height of the detail
Texture Texture used to specify the height of the detail (for rocks, pits, etc.)

Additional Mask#

Additional Mask Parameters

Additional mask parameters.
Blend Mode Blending mode between the additional detail mask and the corresponding mask of a landscape layer map.
Mask of a landscape layer map
Additional detail mask
As an example, for two masks presented above (Albedo color is set to red color) the available blending modes provide the following results:
  • Multiplicative - the base mask color is multiplied by the additional detail mask color, resulting in darker colors.
  • Overlay - the base and additional detail mask colors are multiplied for dark color pixels and screened for light color pixels, which leads to the contrast increase while preserving highlights and shadows. Grey pixels are not effected at all.
  • Additive - the additional detail mask color is added to the base mask color.
  • Vivid Light - the additional detail mask colors are darkened for dark color pixels and lightened for light color pixels, which leads to preserving mask details on semi-transparent pixels.
Intensity Mask intensity
Size Tile size
Mask Additional mask texture (only red channel is taken into account)
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