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UUSL Compute Shaders

UUSL supports compute shaders: there are special functions, semantics and parameters for compute shaders.

In Unigine, compute shaders have a *.comp extension.

A compute shader is a special part of the graphics pipeline. It allows to execute code on the GPU, read and write buffer data.

Prior Knowledge
This article assumes you have prior knowledge of the compute shaders. Also, read the following topics on UUSL before proceeding:

Main Function#

To start and end the void Main function of the compute shader, use the following instructions:

	<your code here>
You should add a new line (press Enter) after closing the instruction.

This code is equivalent to:

layout (local_size_x = WIDTH_GROUP, local_size_y = HEIGHT_GROUP) in;
void main() {
	<your code here>
[numthreads(WIDTH_GROUP, HEIGHT_GROUP, 1)]
void main(DISPATCH_INFO dispatch_info) {
	<your code here>


UUSL OpenGL Direct3D Description
GROUP_ID gl_WorkGroupID SV_GroupID Contains the index of the workgroup currently being operated on by a compute shader
GROUP_THREAD_ID gl_LocalInvocationID SV_GroupThreadID Contains the index of work item currently being operated on by a compute shader
DISPATCH_THREAD_ID gl_GlobalInvocationID SV_DispatchThreadID Contains the global index of work item currently being operated on by a compute shader
GROUP_INDEX gl_LocalInvocationIndex SV_GroupIndex Contains the local linear index of work item currently being operated on by a compute shader
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