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TeslaSuit Plugin

The functionality described in this article is not available in the Community SDK edition.
You should upgrade to Sim SDK edition to use it.

Teslasuit is a full-body haptic feedback suit that uses electric impulses to create sensations, traces the body motions, and captures the user's biometrics.

The TeslaSuit plugin provides integration with the suit and related software.

The plugin allows controlling the Teslasuit service receiving the following types of data:

  • User motions
  • Haptic feedback
  • Biometry
  • Information about the suit

Teslasuit is available for Windows only.

See Also#

  • TeslaSuit Plugin classes
  • C++ sample illustrating the basic aspects of working with the plugin:

System Requirements#

Teslasuit SDK should be installed in your network or PC. Otherwise the plugin would not work.

Implementing Unigine Application with Teslasuit Support#

To use the TeslaSuit plugin in your UNIGINE application, perform the following:

  1. Download and install the Teslasuit SDK.
  2. Create a new project with Teslasuit support via UNIGINE SDK Browser: click Plugins, check the Teslasuit support (TeslaSuit plugin) option in the form that opens and click OK.

    TeslaSuit Plugin on Plugins Panel
    To add Teslasuit support to the existing project, in UNIGINE SDK Browser, click Other Actions -> Configure Project -> Plugins -> Teslasuit support (TeslaSuit plugin) -> OK.
  3. Implement your application.
  4. Launch the TeslaSuit plugin on the application start-up.

Launching TeslaSuit Plugin#

To use the plugin, you should specify the extern_plugin command line option on the application start-up:

Shell commands
main_x64 -extern_plugin "TeslaSuit"

If you run the application via UNIGINE SDK Browser, specify the command-line options given above in the Customize Run Options form.

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