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Usage Example

The article contains the step-by-step implementation of fading-in/fading-out of an object in the scene by means of the Tracker tool:

  1. Create two objects (e.g box primitives: box1 and box2) with the same transformation and having two materials with different Albedo textures assigned.

  2. Make the box1 object transparent by setting Common -> Transparency -> Preset -> Alpha Blend for its material.

  3. Open the Tracker tool by choosing Tools -> Tracker in the Menu Bar.
  4. Click to add a new track and choose node -> object -> material -> parameterSlider in the Add Parameter window that opens.

  5. Select the transparent box1 object in the Select Node window that opens.

  6. Select the box:transparent parameter in the Parameter field of the Track Info section.

  7. Add two key frames for the created track: double-click the track line to add a key frame and set the following values:
    • For the first key frame, set Time = 0 and Value = 1.
    • For the second key frame, set Time = 1 and Value = 0.

If any Z-fighting occurs, you can also adjust Polygon Offset and Rendering Order for the box1 object’s material.

The result will be the following:

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