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This section contains settings of scene shadows.

Shadows Settings
Enabled Toggles rendering of shadows on and off.
Softness Quality Softness quality of shadows. The higher the value the softer (the more blurred) the shadows. The option has an effect only if Soft Shadows is enabled. Available values:
  • Low - low quality
  • Medium - medium quality
  • High - high quality
Soft Shadows Toggles rendering of soft shadows on and off. When enabled, the shadows become blurred on the edges.
Lerp Shadow Cascades Toggles linear interpolation of shadows cascades on and off. When enabled, transitions between cascades become smoother. However, the option drops performance, as in the transition parts 2 shadow maps are rendered.
Omni Jitter Toggles jittering of shadows casted by omni lights on and off.
Depth 32F Toggles the use of 32-bit texture for the depth buffer used for shadows calculation on and off.
Screen Space Shadows Toggles rendering of screen-space shadows on and off. When this option is enabled, penumbras from the light source are calculated using the ray tracing algorithm. The screen-space shadows should be used for small objects such as books, pens, etc. The option available for all light sources and calculates shadows at any visibility distance.
Alpha Test Accounting Toggles alpha test for shadows on and off.
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