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Unigine::Cigi::ICigiTrajectoryDef Class

Header:#include <CigiClientInterface.h>

This class represents the CIGI Trajectory Definition packet interface.

CIGI plugin must be loaded.

ICigiTrajectoryDef Class


int getEntityID()

Returns the entity ID specified in the packet.

Return value

Entity ID.

const Math::vec3& getAcceleration()

Returns the coordinates of the accceleration vector specified in the packet.

Return value

Acceleration vector of the entity.

float getRetardationRate()

Returns the value of the Retardation Rate parameter specified in the packet. Determines the magnitude of an acceleration applied against the entity’s instantaneous linear velocity vector. This is used to simulate drag and other frictional forces acting upon the entity.

Return value

Retardation Rate parameter value.

float getTerminalVelocity()

Returns the value of the Terminal Velocity parameter specified in the packet. Determines the maximum velocity the entity can obtain.

Return value

Terminal Velocity parameter value.
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