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Unigine::Cigi::ICigiSymbolLineDef Class

Header:#include <CigiClientInterface.h>

This class represents the CIGI Symbol Line Definiton packet interface.

CIGI plugin must be loaded.

ICigiSymbolLineDef Class


int getSymbolID()

Returns the Symbol ID specified in the packet.

Return value

Symbol ID.

int getPrimitiveType()

Returns the Primitive Type specified in the packet. Determines the type of point or line primitive defined by this packet.

Return value

Primitive Type parameter value. One of the CIGI_LINE_* values.

int getStipplePattern()

Returns the value of the Stipple Pattern parameter specified in the packet. Determines the dash pattern to be used when drawing the line.

Return value

Stipple Pattern parameter value.
If the value of this parameter is 0xFFFF, then the IG shall draw a solid line. If the value is 0x00, then the IG shall not draw the line.

float getPatternLength()

Returns the value of the Stipple Pattern Length parameter specified in the packet. Determines the length of one complete repetition of the stipple pattern.

Return value

Pattern Length parameter value.

float getLineWidth()

Returns the value of the Line Width parameter specified in the packet. Specifies the line thickness that the IG shall use when drawing the primitives defined in this packet.

Return value

Line Width parameter value.

int getNumVertex()

Returns the number of vertices in line. Determines the number of vertices by which the line is specified

Return value

Num Vertex.

const Math::vec3& getVertex(int num)

Returns a three-component vector UV coordinates of the given vertex. This vector combines the values of the Center U and Center V parameters specified in the packet.


  • int num - Index of vertex.

Return value

Three-component vector with the UV coordinates of the given vertex (Center U, Center V, Z), in symbol’s local coordinate system.
The third component of the vector is ignored.
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