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Unigine::WidgetDialogColor Class

Header:#include <UnigineWidgets.h>

This class creates a dialog with clickable color field, RGB value sliders, color prameters and a predefined palette. There are two color formats availabe:

  • Standard format, which represents colors as four-component vectors.
  • Web format, which allows these variants: RRGGBB, RRGGBBAA, #RRGGBB, #RRGGBBAA.

WidgetDialogColor Class


static WidgetDialogColorPtr create(const Ptr<Gui> & gui, const char * str = 0)

Constructor. Creates a color picker dialog with given parameters.


  • const Ptr<Gui> & gui - GUI, to which the dialog will belong.
  • const char * str - Dialog title. This is an optional parameter.

Ptr<WidgetDialogColor> cast(const Ptr<WidgetDialog> & widgetdialog)

Casts a WidgetDialogColor out of the WidgetDialog instance.


  • const Ptr<WidgetDialog> & widgetdialog - Pointer to WidgetDialog.

Return value

Pointer to WidgetDialogColor.

void setColor(const Math::vec4 & color)

Selects a given color.


  • const Math::vec4 & color - Color.

Math::vec4 getColor()

Returns the currently selected color.

Return value

Current color.

void setPaletteColors(const char * colors)

Fills the palette with given colors.


  • const char * colors - A list of colors in the Web format separated with semicolons.

const char * getPaletteColors()

Returns the current palette colors.

Return value

List of colors in the Web format separated with semicolons.

void setWebColor(const char * color)

Selects a color in the web format.


  • const char * color - Color in the web format.

const char * getWebColor()

Returns the currently selected color in the web format.

Return value

Current color.
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