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This tab contains settings related to water rendering.

Water Settings

SSR enabled Enables or disables the SSR (Screen Space Reflections) effect for water.

SSR quality Quality of the water screen-space reflections:
  • Low — low quality.
  • Medium — medium quality.
  • High — high quality.
  • Ultra — ultra quality.

SSR Increased accuracy Enables or disables increased accuracy for the water SSR (Screen Space Reflections). This option reduces visual artifacts by increasing accuracy of the last step.

Refraction quality Quality of water refraction.
  • Low - low quality.
  • Medium - medium quality.
  • High - high quality (by default).
  • Ultra - ultra quality.
Anisotropy quality Water texture anisotropy level.
  • 1x - anisotropy level 1.
  • 2x - anisotropy level 2 (by default).
  • 4x - anisotropy level 4.
  • 8x - anisotropy level 8.
  • 16x - anisotropy level 16.
Shoreline wetness Enables or disables the wetness effect for objects near the shoreline.

Underwater shafts Enables or disables rendering of underwater shafts.
Render environment probes Enables or disables rendering of environment probes on the water surface.

Render lights Enables or disables rendering of lights on the water surface.

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