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LogicModules Class

Game Framework is deprecated and no longer supported. We can't guarantee the stable work of the framework.

The LogicModule class provides an ability to dynamically compile the custom code.

The class implementation can be found in the data/framework/game/logic_module.h

LogicModules Class


int isCompiled()

Checks if the logic is compiled successfully.

Return value

1 if the logic is compiled successfully; otherwise 0.

string getNamespace()

Returns a name of the namespace where the custom code is implemented

Return value

Name of the namespace.

void addModule(string file_name)

Adds a logic file to compile.


  • string file_name - Path to the logic file.

void clear()

Clears the compiled logic.

void clearModules()

Clears list of files, which was added to compile.

void compile()

Compiles logic.

variable create(string type)

Creates a user class instance if this class is described in the custom logic.


  • string type - Type of the class instance.

Return value

User class instance.

LogicModules(string namespace_name)

Constructor. Creates a new LogicModule class instance in the specified namespace.


  • string namespace_name - Name of the namespace where the custom code is compiled.
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