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Unigine::ObjectVolumeBox Class

Header:#include <UnigineObjects.h>

This class is used to create a volume box. Depending on the assigned material, it can be used to render fog, light shafts from a world light source or clouds.

ObjectVolumeBox Class


static ObjectVolumeBoxPtr create(const Math::vec3 & size)

Constructor. Creates a new volume box object with given dimensions.


  • const Math::vec3 & size - Dimensions of the new volume box object in units.

Ptr<ObjectVolumeBox> cast(const Ptr<Node> & node)

Casts an ObjectVolumeBox out of the Node instance.


  • const Ptr<Node> & node - Pointer to Node.

Return value

Pointer to ObjectVolumeBox.

Ptr<ObjectVolumeBox> cast(const Ptr<Object> & base)

Casts an ObjectVolumeBox out of the Object instance.


  • const Ptr<Object> & base - Pointer to Object.

Return value

Pointer to ObjectVolumeBox.

void setSize(const Math::vec3 & size)

Sets new dimensions for the volume box.


  • const Math::vec3 & size - New dimensions of the volume box in units. If a negative value is provided, 0 will be used instead.

Math::vec3 getSize()

Returns dimensions of the volume box.

Return value

Dimensions of the volume box in units.

int type()

Returns the type of the node.

Return value

Object type identifier.
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