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City Traffic

City Traffic is an expandable and flexible system that allows you to visualize real city traffic, filled with AI-controlled vehicles and pedestrians, which follow the traffic regulations.

City Traffic

It provides the following feature set:

Road Network with Support for Different Configurations

  • Multiple lanes.
  • Two-way and one-way roads.
  • Arbitrary crossroads (T-shaped intersections, roundabouts, etc.).
  • Multi-level roads.
  • Speed limit zones.
  • Overtaking prohibition zones.
  • Priority signs.
  • Configurable traffic lights.

Vehicle Model

  • Configurable motor, gearbox and drivetrain.
  • Configurable suspension and wheels.
  • Arbitrary number of axles (cars, trucks, special vehicles).
  • Light signals.
  • Can be either AI-driven, or human-controlled.
  • Expandable API.

AI Driver

  • Detects lanes and movement direction.
  • Follows the driving regulation at crossroads and during passing.
  • Obeys the signal lights.
  • Avoids obstacles.
  • Obeys the speed limits.
  • Keeps the average speed of the traffic.
  • Uses the turn signals.
  • Predicts movement of the human-controlled cars.
  • Expandable API.

Traffic Management System

  • Simulation performance control for cars and pedestrians.
  • Automatic distribution of AI-controlled cars.

Traffic Management

Pedestrian Model

  • Animated motion.
  • Following the rules when crossing streets.
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