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Performance Analyzer

A number of console commands are available for analizing performance of the scripts and the engine.

Per-function analysis can be output into the console or logged to a file (if its name is specified as a command argument, for example world_analyze new_file.txt

Performance analyzer results are valid only in a single-threaded mode. If threading for any module is enabled (world, physics or pathfinding), values of counters will not be correct.

Logged Data

Data logged by analyzers includes the following:

  • total seconds — the total number of seconds the interpreter spent executing this function.
  • self seconds — the number of seconds accounted for by this function alone, without internal calls of other functions.
  • calls — the total number of times the function was called.
  • total ms/call — the average number of milliseconds spent in this function and its descendants per call.
  • self ms/call — the average number of milliseconds spent in this function per call.
  • name — function name.
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