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NVIDIA 3D Vision Output with App3DVision Plugin

An App3DVision plugin is used to render the application onto the 1 monitor using NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. 3D Vision requires to run the application in the fullscreen mode. Windowed mode is rendered in the non-stereoscopic mode.

The App3DVision plugin is available only on DirectX 11 graphics API. So it can be used under Windows only.

The App3DVision plugin requires 3D Vision-compatible monitor and graphics card, plus active shutter glasses (or red-cyan anaglyph glasses).

Launching App3DVision

To run your application in 3D Vision mode, make sure that it is supported by a graphics card. Stereoscopic 3D should be enabled on the driver lever:

  1. Click on the desktop with the right mouse button.
  2. Open NVIDIA Control panel.
  3. Go to Stereoscopic 3DSet up stereoscopic 3D.
  4. Click Enable stereoscopic 3D settings and follow the setup wizard.

To use the plugin, specify the extern_plugin command line option and STEREO_3D_VISION define on the application start-up:

Shell commands
main_x86d -extern_plugin "App3DVision" -extern_define STEREO_3D_VISION

Also you can create a new project with NVIDIA 3DVision support by checking the NVIDIA 3DVision stereo 3D option in the New Project tab of the Unigine SDK Browser.

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