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GameEvent Class

The event call class.

The GameEvent class implementation can be found in the data/framework/game/event_system.h file.

GameEvent Class


void setEnabled(int mode)

Toggles an event enabled or disabled.


  • int mode - 1 if an event is enabled; otherwise 0.

int isEnabled()

Returns a value indicating if an event is enabled or not.

Return value

1 if an event is enabled; otherwise 0.

string getName()

Returns an event name.

Return value

Event name.

GameEvent(string name)

Constructor. Creates a new GameEvent class instance with a specified name.


  • string name - Event name.

void run()

Runs the event calls for all of the subscribers.

void run(Entity ret[])

Runs the event calls for the specified entities.


  • Entity ret[] - Array of entities.

void subscribe(GameCallback callback)

Subscribes a callback to an event.


  • GameCallback callback - Game callback.

void unsubscribe(variable instance, string function, int num_args = 0)

Unsubscribes a callback from an event.


  • variable instance - User class instance, for which the callback function is called. If the callback function is static, then the return value is NULL.
  • string function - Name of the callback function.
  • int num_args - Number of function arguments.
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