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A volume_light_base material is used to create visible spheres of light around Omni light sources. It is applied to Volume spheres.

A Volume sphere is rendered based on X-axis Radius value. If its radii along Y or Z axes are smaller, then the object is cut along them.
This article is deprecated and will be updated in the further UNIGINE updates.

Volume light material

Volume light material. (This effect is created via Volume sphere and Omni light.)


In the Parameters tab you can set or modify base and additional parameters.

Parameters of different types are set in different ways:

  • expression - vector values can be set either in the field near the parameter or in the dialog window opened when double clicking this field
  • slider - the value can be set either by smoothly moving the slider of the scroll box or manually in the box near the parameter (if required, the value bigger than maximum one for the slider can be set)
  • color - the color can be chosen in the dialog window, activated after double clicking the color field

All the parameters can be set to default ones - click a Set to parent button near the parameter (if the parameter is different from the default one, its field will be highlighted with green).

The parameters available for this kind of materials are listed below.

Shading Parameters

Shading parameters are modified in the Shading field of the Parameters tab.

GUI name XML name Type Description
Diffuse diffuse_color color

A color picker to choose the color of the light sphere.

Density Parameters

Density parameters are modified in the Density field of the Parameters tab.

GUI name XML name Type Description
Power volume_power slider Decreases the radius of the volume sphere.

By the minimum value of 1, volume sphere radius is not affected.

The higher the value , the less the radius and the less scattered the light is within the volume sphere.
Multiplier volume_density slider A coefficient to scale a density of the volume sphere color.
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