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Upgrade Script

Unigine upgrade script is a one-touch solution to upgrade data of a Unigine-based project to be consistent with updated engine builds.

The script recursively scans project folders to upgrade the files located there. If the script fails to upgrade some files, it will generate an error log (errors.log file).


The script is located in utils/Upgrade directory of Unigine SDK.

You need to properly set the development environment to get the script working.

To invoke the upgrade script, run at the command prompt as follows:

Shell commands OPTIONS

Command Line Options

The upgrade script recognizes the following command line options:

  • --help — show help message.
  • --target TARGET — target directory to be upgraded. The default is current directory.
  • --meshes MESHES — whether to run MeshImport tool or not. Possible values are: yes /no or 1 /0. The default is 0.

If no options are set, the script will start upgrade with the default values.


  • To upgrade a Unigine-based project located in D:\my_project directory, type at the command prompt:
    Shell commands --target=D:\my_project
  • To upgrade a Unigine-based project, including its mesh files, run the upgrade script with the following options:
    Shell commands --target=D:\my_project --meshes yes
    The upgrade script calls the meshimport script, which recursively searches for *.mesh, *.smesh or *.sanim files in project folders and upgrades them.
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