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Syncker system is deprecated and no longer supported. We can't guarantee the stable work of the system.

This section contains description of the Syncker samples.

Running Syncker Samples

You can try out Syncker samples in Unigine SDK that run Syncker directly from world scripts.

  1. On each slave computer, open Unigine SDK Browser and press the Syncker slave demo button, which is located on theSamples & Demos tab under the High-Level Systems section.
  2. On the master computer, also open Unigine SDK Browser and press the Syncker master demo button.
  3. Change the network broadcast address of the master by typing the following console command (on the master computer):
    Source code
    And then reload the current world:
    Source code
    After that, in the master console you will see messages that slaves have connected. For example:
    Connection from "" "unknown" accepted in 0.00 seconds
    In the console of the connected slaves you will see the following:
    Connection to "" accepted in 0.00 seconds
    Console commands world_reload or world_load with the same world as currently loaded are not run on slaves after the master. Only loading of a new world works.

For more details on Syncker initialization and update code, see Running Syncker for a custom project.

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