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Unigine::WidgetExternBase Class

Header:#include <UnigineWidgets.h>

The base class, from which the custom user-defined widgets are inherited.

WidgetExternBase Class


int getClassID()

Returns a unique class ID.

Return value

Unique class ID.

Ptr<Gui> getGui()

Returns the Gui smart pointer.

Return value

Gui smart pointer.

int getKeyActivity(unsigned int key)

Checks the keyboard key.


  • unsigned int key - Key code.

Return value

Returns 1 if the key is used by widget.

int isOwner()

Returns the owner flag of the pointer. If the pointer is owner, on its deletion the object also will be deleted.

Return value

The owner flag.

Ptr<Widget> getWidget()

Returns the Widget smart pointer.

Return value

Widget smart pointer.

Ptr<WidgetExtern> getWidgetExtern()

Returns the WidgetExtern smart pointer.

Return value

WidgetExtern smart pointer.

void arrange()

Calculates the widget size.

void checkCallbacks(int x, int y)

Checks widget callbacks.


  • int x - Mouse X coordinate.
  • int y - Mouse Y coordinate.

void destroy()

Destroys the widget resources.

void expand(int width, int height)

Expands the widget size.


  • int width - Maximum available width.
  • int height - Maximum available height.

void grab()

Sets the owner flag to 1 for the widget pointer. The widget should not be handled by the class after this function is called.

void keyPress(unsigned int key)

Keyboard press event.


  • unsigned int key - Key code.

void release()

Sets the owner flag to 0 for the widget pointer. The widget should be handled by the class after this function is called.

void render()

Renders the widget.

void update(float ifps)

Widget update function.


  • float ifps - Inverse FPS value.
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