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How to Generate Shaders Cache

The shader_cache_d3d11.usc script is used to generate cache files for DirectX 11 shaders. It is located in the <SDK>/source/tools/Interpreter/scripts/render directory.

Inside the script text files you can modify definitions (such as quality, MSAA, used effects etc.) and materials list (for example, if you are not interested in generating shader cache for some of them).

Shader cache generation is available only for Windows platform. Requirements are the following:

  • Microsoft DirectX SDK (download for free).
  • Unigine Source SDK version.
  • The path to the Effect-Compiler Tool (fxc.exe) from Microsoft DirectX SDK should be included to the PATH system variable.

To generate shaders cache you need to do the following:

  1. Copy the usc_x64.exe (or usc_x86.exe) file to the <SDK>/source/tools/Interpreter/scripts/render directory.
  2. Execute the following command inside this folder (while pressing Shift button press the right mouse button and choose the Open command window here option):
    Source code
    usc_x64/usc_x86 shader_cache_d3d11.usc
  3. Output shaders cache will be generated inside the <SDK>/data folder.
Generally, generation with the default parameters takes 2-3 hours.
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